Good Blogging Practice Part-39

Sarbartha Das

Founder and administrator of Espreson Media a Web Design & Development Studio.

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  • Tomas

    Foremost, thank you very much for you are and share your knowledge with newborn on web. That’s love – not words on love, but the love in action. God blesses you.
    I have several blogs but not blogging understanding. I just typed in my thoughts. Plus I’m writing with the vocabulary in hand and the technical English causes lots of problems to me. I desperately need some guidance (step by step -slow and exclusively concrete directions on what I should do further) I desperately need to connect to Pay Pal but totally don’t know how to do that. I live in Lithuania (my credit card is not acceptable on web though I have opened bank account) My posts are my artworks and musing on spiritual questions – I am the artist, who live on disability pension (in other words, I am the dependant (such is Lithuanian reality- my pension is much less than you can even to imagine) Artwork is all I have to share – I desperately need help to do that … It would be the real miracle in case we could start some personal correspondence (I’m hard with managing my subscriptions on web)
    I hope you will visit my blog (blogs- they are liked between) and will have a good time there.
    You know my email address. I’m eagerly looking forward to your response. Please help me to grasp what is what on the web.
    Thank you once more
    With respect and gratitude
    Tomas Karkalas